SonoScape E1

The Sonoscape E1 is a portable black-and-white ultrasound device with 15.6 “monitor and 3 probe ports, featuring the latest generation of HD probes and a folding monitor.Very lightweight and compact, it is the perfect mobile solution thanks to the built-in battery or optional trolley save space in your practice.


High-resolution 15.6-inch LCD monitor with 50 ° angle adjustable; Reflection protection and 180 ° viewing angle for indoors and outdoors

Elegant keyboard control panel with backlight

3 pinless sockets for transducers

Premium Application Techniques: μ-Scan Interference Pixel Suppression, Compound Imaging, TDI, Contrast Imaging, IMT, B-Steer

ECG functionality optional

Complete patient database and image management solutions: DICOM 3.0, AVI / JPG, USB 2.0, HDD and PDF report

Connection for foot switch

Built-in battery for 90 minutes scan function

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless communication ensure constantly updated data

Optional stylish trolley with adjustable height, as well as fully flexible 4.5 inch wheels with 4 parking brakes for easy transportation