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Dr. Platzek & Sohn Medizintechnik As a family business, Platzek & Sohn Medizintechnik specializes in the trade in new and used medical devices.

Our focus is primarily on the topic area of ​​sonography (used and new ultrasound equipment, as well as probes). With our expanded portfolio of devices for diagnostics and medical technology, we are also happy to cover your requirements for medical technology in its entirety.

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Sale of used medical equipment

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If at first glance you do not find the right device for your purposes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy to accept your search request for free. Because your satisfaction is important to us!

Medical equipment is involved in almost all diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services. A modern healthcare system without medical equipment is no longer conceivable, but the cost pressure has increased and the pay for services has declined in many areas.

The use of medical technology is therefore increasingly being analyzed under the aspect of affordability in health care. Especially the use of used medical technology is cost effective.

With our name we stand for uncomplicated and competent handling.

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