Sonoace R3 portable Ultrasound System


Anfrage zum Produkt: Sonoace R3 portable Ultrasound System


    Sonoace R3 portable ultrasound scanner

    – Year of manufacture:2010

    – Screen:  Flatscreen

    – Color Doppler

    – Printer on demand


    – Convex ultrasound probe , fully functional

    – Linear ultrasound probe , fully functional

    All probes are tested, fully functional in good condition, see pictures


    Our ultrasound system is final tested and works faultless.

    – Including in-house maintenance according to our specifications


    Please note, that we are your international trading partner, we care for packing, transport and customs clearence.

    Of course we can offer you complete ultrasound machines with the probes you need including shipping, please contact us in case of interest

    Sonoace R3 portable

    Produktanfrage Sonoace R3 portable Ultrasound System